Giacomo Falcinelli – Digital Artist

Giacomo Falcinelli – Digital Artist. “I have always been fascinated by images and how they interact with people by offering a partial or fantastic vision of reality.
Combining parts of photographs and graphic elements by bending them to the imagination is a bit like reassembling fragments of real life.
I try to translate sensations, emotions, moods of everyday life. That too often are casually archived, extolling them from the weight of routine and filtering the emotions and memories that derive from them.
There are those who practice manipulating consciences… I like to manipulate images.”

Following are some artworks by the “Social” and “Architecture” collections:

Giacomo Falcinelli is an italian painter, photographer, visual and digital artist. He has taken part in various events and exhibitions of modern and contemporary art.

Among which:

  • 2009 PORTRAITS at Studio Panama (Rome)
  • 2010 Personal photo exhibit at IRTUS Sutri Gallery (Viterbo)
  • 2012 ART FESTIVAL CERRETO LAZIALE at Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMEC) in Cerreto Laziale (Rome)
  • 2013 TRATTI & RITRATTI exhibition of visual arts by the roman association MICRO at Galleria Borghese in Mentana (Rome)
  • 2013 LES ARTISTS GENIALES AU TULAMI at the TULAMI in Via delle Botteghe Oscure Rome
  • 2014 3rd INTERNATIONAL PRIZE City of Corchiano (Viterbo)
  • 2014 DREAMS AND VISIONS exhibition at the Museum of the Patrimonium in Sutri (Viterbo)
  • 2015 IL PAPA, LA PAPESSA E GLI ARCANI by the “Magazzini della Lupa” Association in Tuscania at the Church of the Almadiani (2014 in Viterbo at the cultural exhibition center “il Granarone” and 2015 in Calcata, Viterbo)
  • 2015 THE SOCIAL DREAM personal exhibit during art event CUBO FESTIVAL 2015, Ronciglione (Viterbo)
  • 2016 CAVUM ET VIA ARTE contemporary art Festival in Bassano in Teverina (Viterbo)
  • 2016 HUMAN RIGHTS “Diversity” at the “Opera Campana dei Caduti” Foundation in Rovereto (Trento)
  • Art event L’ARCO E LA LIRA: 2016 – 2017 at historic center in Sutri (Viterbo)


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